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Washing Your Hair Before Coloring or Straightening

20160604_134315A common question I get from my clients is: “Should I wash my hair before you do my color?” If you think about it, I am going to wash your hair while you’re here, so the simple answer is no. The reason is that, when I put your color on, it will bind to the hair shaft better if it is a little dirty than if it is squeaky clean.  So, save yourself the time and trouble.

I am always excited when someone wants a Keratin straightener. It will make your hair smooth and silky and takes away frizzy hair. It just makes your hair so much easier to manage and you’re always going to look fabulous. When I first do it though you have to wait three days before you wash it. This way the product really gets into and sets within the hair. It’s absolutely worth doing and I highly recommend it!