“ Since I had a haircut horror story a few years back, I always get nervous about getting my hair done. I always nervously wonder….did the stylist understand what I want? Did they listen? Are they going to end up doing what they want instead of what I asked for? Am I going to go home crying today??? Agh!

When I went to Kathi a few months back, I entered the salon with the usual “go to the dentist” jitters. She welcomed me so warmly and instantly I felt like i was in good hands. Then, she asked specifically what I wanted in terms of cut and color. I showed her a few pics and then she asked a few clarifying questions. It was awesome that she basically repeated what I said back to me to be sure I was getting what I wanted and then explained what she was doing during the process. Such a relief!!! I had a special film event coming up and with all the pictures that were going to be taken, I was REALLY hoping my hair would turn out great. I’m so pleased to say, I walked out with a flawless color and beautiful cut. I just came from visiting her again today and again, GORGEOUS results! She really is a color expert and seriously, one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. I felt like we left old pals and I’ve only gone to her twice. Also, if you’re in the entertainment biz, you’ll feel right at home with Kathi since she has been a hairstylist to lots of industry pros and celebs! Definitely a 5 star stylist! ”

Leanne W.

Pacific Palisades