“ My name is Kim and I, like many others, saw Kathi’s listing on Living Social and decided give her a chance to revive my ignored long hair. It had been 8 months since my last weave. I was not expecting such incredible restoration in ONE VISIT. She is truly an amazing and intuitive color and hair specialist, as she is listed. Her professionalism and knowledge blew me away. You are in great hands with Kathi and I highly recommend her to anyone that is thinking about taking their troubled hair to her  As far as her demeanor go, what an uplifting, energetic, happy, kind person she is! You can tell she is living a good life. She is very sincere and honest with what she can do and what she recommends. I will be going back to her again and again!
I can now look in the mirror again and smile at myself. Thank you Kathi! ”

Kim H.

West Hills, Ca